Great developers aren't born, they're mentored.
PocketMentor is a safe-space for developers/teams of developers to get unblocked on tasks.    
Level-up engineering without slowing down.

Surface unasked  questions

Create a safe-space for your developers to ask the unanswered questions blocking engineering productivity. 

PocketMentor's pricing scales with your company 

Level-up your engineering team 



Starting at 

$25 per developer/mo.

for teams under 10 engineers

Access to:

Internal technical help desk

Knowledge Base

Monthly insights and reports


Custom pricing

Everything in Growth, plus:

Customizable help desk workflows 

Enhanced data security workflows



What is technical mentorship?

Technical mentorship is when a developer gets stuck in the process of working on a task and seeks the help of a more senior developer to get unstuck.

Why external mentorship?

We provide a safe-space for your developers to ask questions, pair on problems and accelerate their technical growth. You can opt-out of the larger community, but it's a great place to build your talent pipeline, particularly with underrepresented engineers. 

Isn't this my senior developer's job?

PocketMentor motivates engineers at all levels to help others get unblocked, as bandwidth of senior engineers is limited. This grows the critical skills needed for developers to advance from contributors of code to operators of teams from day one. 

Do you require codebase access?

We do not need access to you codebase. To keep your code secure, a external engineer may only view the snippet of code required to solve the particular issue request and has no write privileges. As added security, companies can choose what tickets are open-sourced.

Why  are developers allowed to ask questions anonymously?

We strongly believe diversity in tech is not only good for the industry, but good for the world. To achieve this, engineers from all backgrounds need to feel safe to ask the questions needed to get unblocked.

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