Anonymous technical Q&A for teams of developers
A safe-space for developers to get unblocked on tasks.    

How would you approach connecting to the MixPanel API?

Asked by Anonymous 

The way I think about a problem like this is...

Stephen Ajayi

Great developers aren't born, they're mentored.

Identify the true blockers 


Asked by Anonymous 


Asked by Anonymous 

Surface unasked questions holding back engineering in our simple ticketing system.


Average ticket life

Drive productivity

Get insights into what's blocking your team and how long it takes get help.

Foster a culture of belonging

Increase belonging and retention on your team while identifying individuals demonstrating the soft-skills to lead.    


Increase belonging, retention an productivity on your teams. 

 Use Cases

Code Schools

Drive outcomes by helping students break through impostor syndrome.


Grow member engagement by providing a safe-space for members to learn and grow



Starting at 

$25 per developer/mo.

for teams under 10 engineers

Access to:

Internal anonymous technical Q&A

Knowledge Base

Monthly insights and reports


Custom pricing

Everything in Growth, plus:

Customizable Q&A workflows

Enhanced data security workflows



Why are developers allowed to ask questions anonymously?

We strongly believe diversity in tech is not only good for the industry, but good for the world. To achieve this, engineers from all backgrounds need to feel safe to ask the questions needed to get unblocked.

Do other collaboration tools solve this issue?

No. There are more reasons now than ever for developers to keep questions to themselves while blocked, we surface the questions that won't get asked on Slack or Stack Overflow.

Do you require codebase access?

We never access your codebase.

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